7 Compelling Reasons To Work With Revermann Law

There are a lot of tax resolution firms out there and we get that it could seem overwhelming to find the right one for you. But, the other ones are not like us. We do what they promise and also provide excellent client service at an affordable cost.

Here’s how we do that:

  1. No scare tactics. No doubt about it the IRS process can be scary and confusing. Too often, we see other tax relief companies scare people into paying them big fees and getting no real results. We want to relieve any fear, confusion, and anger. We don’t want to add to your stress and financial concerns.
  1. Transparency. The lack of transparency in dealing with tax issues comes from both sides. We know the IRS rules can be complicated and seem less than transparent. We also know that other tax relief companies are guilty of hiding the ball and being less than forthcoming with their clients. This isn’t us. At the core, our mission is to provide clear and transparent service.
  1. Respect. We desire to partner with you to resolve your tax debt. Other tax relief companies have been known to work around you, hide the ball from you, and act condescendingly towards you because of your situation. We aim to serve you respectfully and humbly so you feel protected and understood.
  1. Experience. When you work with one of our experienced tax professionals, you will get to know that person and never be wondering who is actually advocating for you. Other tax relief companies hand you off to several people down the line, which leaves you wondering who is responsible for what. We connect you with one case manager who stays with you throughout the process to answer questions and provide you updates about your situation.
  1. True Resolution. Resolutions come in all forms. We don’t do what other tax relief companies do and promise you they will reduce your debt to pennies on the dollar. This is dishonest and deceiving to lead you to believe this. Our team will give you honest feedback in plain English so you know exactly where you stand each step of the way.
  1. Follow Through. Getting to a resolution isn’t the last step in getting this all behind you. We will work with you to give you the tools to stay current with your tax filings and payments. Most tax relief companies address this one problem, but set you up for future failure. Our professionals want to know how they can help you stay on track and be tax-wise into the future.
  1. Clear Pricing. We set our rates to be fair and reasonable. We have heard too many horror stories of people paying other tax companies $10,000 or more for services that simply should not cost that much and where no resolution has been reached. You should never expect surprises about our fees. Our fee arrangements?are communicated with you up front and you will know what you’re getting for your money.

You’re making an investment in Revermann Law both in time, trust, and money and deserve to receive services that get you to a better place. We want to exceed your expectations and guide you through this process.

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