7 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Tax Relief Professional

We get that hiring a tax relief professional sounds like an expensive and unnecessary deal. However, in many cases, hiring a professional can lead to a better outcome, less stress, and quicker results. Here’s why:

#1. Your time is valuable.

Let’s face it, working with the IRS can be a complete time suck. Wading through the paperwork and getting up to speed on IRS rules, regulations, and the tax law can be overwhelming and time consuming. For example, it’s common that a call to the IRS can take 45 minutes before even reaching a live person, and even after talking with someone, you don’t get answers. We value your time and so should you.

#2. Reduce Stress.

You may have a family to care for, a business to run, a job to maintain, etc. It’s hard to manage that and take care of an outstanding tax issue at the same time. Being faced with a tax problem is stressful and you may have feelings of anger, embarrassment, and fear about the situation you are in. Add to that a feeling of being a fish out of water as you deal with the complexities of the IRS rules and the stress can be overwhelming. We often hear, just after the initial call, that our clients feel much better already and working with us is a huge stress reliever.

#3. Get Better Results.

Tax relief professionals know the rules and understand the best strategies for your unique situation. Often times, the tax professional has worked with the same IRS agent on several occasions and has built a rapport with an agent that can get your concerns heard. A professional can help give you the tools to make better and smarter decisions about resolving your tax problems so you can move on with your life.

#4. You Don’t Know What You Don?t Know.

The tax code is complicated and a tax professional is required to keep up with the rules and changes so you don’t have to. What’s a Form 433-A, versus a 433-B, or a 433-F? What if the IRS makes a 9297 request? What are my appeal rights? These questions aren’t meant to scare you, but are real questions that need to be addressed when trying to settle your tax debt. The IRS cannot give you tax or legal advice and is only interested in collecting the tax they say is owed. We don?t want you to feel intimidated or alone in the process.

#5. Avoid the Problem in the First Place.

Sometimes you get audited or the IRS sends you a letter changing the amount of tax you owe. The IRS does make mistakes, they misunderstand circumstances, and sometimes they are willing to negotiate up front. In these cases, you may not actually owe the taxes the IRS says you owe. You only have so much time to dispute an amount owed and, by hiring a tax professional, you can be sure to meet those deadlines and reply before the tax bill becomes permanent. A tax professional can help reduce or eliminate the amount of tax owed by using her expertise at the front end of the audit or notice.

#6. Reduce Your Risk of Future Tax Problems.

Just because you resolve your back tax issue does not mean the story ends there. A tax professional should make it a priority to advise how to keep current on your taxes and give you a plan so you don?t ever get behind again. Some IRS programs require you to stay tax compliant for a period of time after resolving your tax issues and if you fail to do so, all of the back taxes come back to haunt you. Working with a tax professional will make sure you understand these requirements. As much as we like working with you, we don’t want or expect you to be a repeat customer. We want you to be tax-problem free forever.

#7. Criminal Charges.

On occasion it’s not often and you will definitely know the IRS considers criminal charges against a taxpayer for tax evasion and tax fraud. You won’t go to jail just for simply not paying your taxesWhen the IRS does this, you should contact a tax attorney right away as this is very, very serious.

We are in no way attempting to mislead you that you have to hire a tax relief professional to handle your tax problem. People without any specialized training can do this on their own and achieve results they can live with. But, you don?t have to go it alone and we’re here to help.

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