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Revermann Law provides comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses large and small. With a deep understanding of the complexities of the corporate landscape, our team of attorneys is dedicated to offering strategic counsel and representation across a spectrum of business law matters. Whether you’re a startup navigating regulatory hurdles, an established corporation seeking to protect your intellectual property, or a company facing complex litigation, we are committed to delivering personalized solutions designed to safeguard your interests and promote your success in today’s competitive marketplace.


Entity Selection and Company Set Up

Starting a new business venture can be scary and overwhelming. We are here to help get you started and make this easy for you. We will guide you through choosing what kind of business entity would best suit you LLC (limited liability company), S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership and we will discuss with you the liability protection and tax concerns so that you are able to make an educated choice. From there, we will set up the company with the Secretary of State, obtain a federal ID number, and draft other formation documents that you will need for your new business. Our goal is to be sure you have the tools to get your new venture off on the right foot.

Company Minutes and Maintenance of Business Records

Once your business has been established, we are here to help you maintain your company record book. This will include ensuring annual minutes are drafted and that you have all necessary documentation to support your business from a legal perspective. In addition, our experiences with tax resolution will also benefit you as we make sure your company records comply with IRS requirements. We also attend board meetings if you would like help navigating any issues as the needs arise.

Shareholder and Partnership Buy-sell and Other Agreements

While starting a business with others is naturally filled with promise and excitement, we challenge our clients to consider the exit strategy as well. Of course, it’s difficult to talk through the what-ifs. We will guide you through those discussions and help create a buy-sell agreement to put limits on who else can be part of the business, make decisions about how to value your business, and structure how someone would be bought out in the case s/he wants to sell, or s/he dies or becomes disabled and can no longer be part of the business. Doing this on the front end will help you avoid having to make those hard decisions in a moment of crisis. We are happy to work with you whether you are a start-up business or a long established business who needs a review of their agreements.

Contract Review

Whether you have been presented with a contract from someone else or you have drafted your own contract, we will review the document so that it is clear, concise, and that it meets your desired outcome while satisfying legal requirements. Our goal for you is be able to anticipate foreseeable issues and concerns to save you or your business money and avoid future disputes. A sample of contracts we review include independent contractor agreements, vendor contracts, severance agreements, and others. Each contract is unique and our review will be tailored to your needs.

Buying and Selling a Business

We will work with you and your advisors to structure your business purchase or sale effectively and efficiently. This may include helping to negotiate and draft a letter of intent all the way to closing on a stock sale or purchase or the purchase or sale of business assets. With an accounting background, we will pair well with your C.P.A. to explore tax considerations and to maximize your return on your investment, whether you?re the buyer or the seller.

Succession Planning

We will work with you and your advisors to plan for the continuation of your business, whether that means it will be continuing with a key employee or you are passing the business down to the next generation. There is no one-size-fits all for succession planning and our experience has seen how many various transitions have worked (and not worked). We will work with you to find what exit strategy is best, taking into account your goals for your legacy, along with important tax and other financial considerations. Often times, this strategy is also paired with our estate planning practice so that your overall goals in transitioning wealth are met.

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