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Revermann Law understands the intricacies of real estate transactions and property law, we are committed to assisting our clients in navigating the complexities of buying, selling, leasing, and developing real estate properties. Whether you are a homeowner, investor, developer, or business owner, our firm offers services to meet your unique needs and objectives. From drafting contracts to resolving disputes, we are here to protect your interests and ensure smooth transactions in all aspects of real estate law. Trust Revermann Law to be your steadfast partner in achieving your real estate goals with precision, efficiency, and integrity.


Buying and Selling Real Estate

We are here to help you in all phases of your purchase or sale of real estate, whether it is a residential home or a commercial site. Our service to you is to take the complexities out of the transaction and make sure you understand what you are getting as a buyer or a seller. We will draft or review a letter of intent, negotiate, review, or draft the purchase agreement, and assist you with your needs for closing the sale.

Contracts for Deed and Mortgages

One way you may choose to sell real estate is to do a Contract for Deed. In this case, the seller enters into an agreement with the buyer to sell the property, but seller retains title to the property until the purchase price is paid in full. We will help draft or review a contract for deed that meets your needs and talk through the pros and cons for your situation.

Another alternative to finance a sale of real estate is to transfer title to buyer in exchange for a mortgage. The mortgage places the seller in the position similar to a bank. The seller holds a lien on the real estate for the promise to pay by the buyer. Once the purchase price is paid in full, the mortgage is satisfied and the lien is released. Again, we are here to draft or review any mortgage and to talk through whether this is a good option for your circumstances.

Deed Preparation

Written documents are needed to transfer title (ownership) in real estate from one person or company to another. There are many types of deeds, such as: Quit Claim Deed, Warranty Deed, Limited Warranty Deed, Trustee’s Deed, Personal Representative’s Deed. The requirements for these deeds are complex and intricate to ensure that title is being passed correctly. Our job is to help insure the transfer is done correctly and to properly record the document with the County Recorder. We can partner with you to determine what kind of deed you need for your transaction and to make sure the legal requirements are met. When things are done incorrectly, because real estate is so unique, it takes a lot to correct mistakes. Our goal is to make your transaction go smoothly and correctly.


An easement is the legal right to use property owned by someone else for a specific use. Landowners may want an easement for a shared driveway to provide instructions on shared use. Other times, to avoid being landlocked a property owner or the County may require an easement be given through someone else’s land to provide access to a road. We are available to draft or review and easement and ensure it has the explicit instructions about how the land is to be used or shared.


We will assist you in reviewing or drafting your lease, no matter if you are a landlord or a tenant. As a landlord, you may be leasing space in a large commercial property or you may be renting a residential home. As a tenant, you may be looking to lease business space in a mall or you may be renting your home. In any case, your lease agreement will define your ongoing relationship with the other party and is an important legal document. Our goal is to help you understand your rights and obligations, whether you a landlord or a tenant, so that your rental experience is a success. We have the experience and creativity to help you find the arrangement that benefits you in a cost-effective manner.

Agriculture and Farm Transfers

Transferring ag/farm real estate is unique. You may be transitioning the family farm to the next generation as part of your estate plan. You may be leasing your farm land to a solar or cellular company. We can partner with you to talk through your goals and make this different and unique circumstance fit to your situation. Tax considerations are important as well and we will use our C.P.A. background, along with the help of any other of your advisors, to find creative solutions to meet your goals.

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