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We are excited to share that Lucent Tax Relief is now part of Revermann Law. Claudia Revermann has joined her two companies into one, offering the same professional services under one umbrella.

What to Expect When Working with Us

We’ve seen too many tax relief agencies be less than honest with people who just want to do the right thing. Or, charge loads of money for vague tasks and promises. Read our 7 Compelling Reasons To Work With Revermann Law to learn how we are different.

Tax Lien

If you owe more than $10,000 in taxes, the IRS may file a tax lien on your name. This means that if you sell anything, such as a car or your home, the IRS will be paid first.

Liens also prohibit you from financial transactions such as refinancing your home or getting a bank loan. We can work with you to determine your options for getting the lien lifted to allow you to complete your transaction.

Bank Levy and Wage Garnishment Releases

A bank levy or wage garnishment is another way the IRS can collect the taxes you owe. A levy may be placed on a bank account or your business accounts receivable. A garnishment is against your wages and allows the IRS to withdraw money directly from your paycheck. We can help you understand the process and put together a payment plan to resolve the tax problem.

Offers in Compromise

If you can’t afford to pay the amount you owe the State or IRS, we can help you negotiate and request a reduction in the amount.

For more information, read our Offer in Compromise Guide: Understanding the Basics.

Payroll Tax problems, including Trust Fund Recovery Penalty cases

Business and payroll tax problems commonly happen if you are a business with employees that wasn’t able to or didn’t pay the owed taxes. The IRS then determines your owed taxes, plus interest and penalties. This business debt can become your personal debt. We can explain your options and get you on a plan for getting your taxes paid.

IRS Private Letter Rulings and Determinations

Sometimes tax issues and questions come up that require special consideration from the IRS. For instance, perhaps you have several complex financial circumstances and you are unsure how the IRS will view them if you purchase or sell a piece of real estate. Or perhaps you are unsure how the recently passed Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will impact you. For questions like these, we partner with you to request an opinion from the IRS on your specific situation and what taxes would be owed.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Married couples filing a joint tax return are jointly and severally liable for the tax owed on that return. In certain instances, such as after a divorce, an innocent spouse may request that the tax burden be shifted from him or her to the responsible spouse. Depending on the level of involvement of the requesting spouse in filing the return, he or she may be eligible for one of three types of relief: Innocent Spouse Relief; Separation of Liability Relief; or Equitable Relief.

We can help you with filing for Innocent Spouse Relief and increase your chance of approval.


Understanding the Basics: IRS Tax Problems 101


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