Working with Revermann Law: Consult Prep & What to Expect

First things first, when you email or call the Revermann Law office for the first time, you can expect our professionals to respond to you promptly and to treat you kindly and respectfully. So, relax and know we are here to help you. Beyond that, our hope is that we give you a plan of action to get closer to resolving your tax situation.

In order to help us get there, we ask you for the following:

The First Initial Call

Our case manager will do an initial intake with you about your tax and financial situation. Things we want to know about include:

  • What kind of taxes do you owe? Do you owe the IRS or your state department of revenue? Are the taxes personal or business? If you don’t know, that’s okay. We will work together to get that answered.
  • For what years do you owe? Again, if you are unsure of this, we’ll help get to the bottom of it.
  • Are you current with all of your tax return filings?
  • How much is owed? We ask this to know what options may be available to you. Unlike many other tax resolution offices, we do not ask this question to use as a way of knowing how much to charge you.
  • Have you received letter(s) demanding payment? If so, it’s most helpful if you can send us copies to review. We will want to know if you are under any critical deadlines.
  • To best serve you, we would like you to complete our initial intake form to provide some financial information for us to review prior to our first call. Complete the Initial Intake Form. This is meant to be just a big picture review so that we can do an initial analysis. We don’t want this to overwhelm you and get in the way of getting you closer to getting relief. Again, unlike other companies, we don’t use this information to determine the amount of our fee.

Follow Up Call

Provided all of this information is collected during the first call, we will schedule a phone conference for you to talk with a tax professional within 48 hours. Our tax professional will go over your options for resolving the tax issue. You will receive a quote for the services we can provide, and we will take time to answer questions about our services and the process.

You do not need to make a decision immediately about whether you want to us to help you. We will send you a few documents for you to review, sign, and return to us when you decide to hire us:

  • An IRS (and/or state) Power of Attorney, which will allow the IRS to talk with our Revermann Law tax professional;
  • Our engagement letter, which will outline our working relationship and which will be clear and straightforward regarding pricing and expectations; and
  • A financial intake that will request detailed information and documentation for us to move forward with helping you.

Our promise to you is that we will be clear about next steps and the expected timeline for resolving your tax issues. This process is free to you. You will not have to give any money simply for talking to someone about your situation. While we can’t make the problems magically go away, we will help you feel at ease and provide some relief from the stress of the situation.

Interested in getting started? Let’s chat.

Have Questions

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